Andred Hayward

Andred’s genuine, warm-hearted, all-embracing, non- judgmental and very personal but fun approach to wedding ceremonies immediately sets couples at ease and helps them to focus on one another. He works closely with couples to create a ceremony that is totally unique and truly reflects who they are. Andred says: “It’s never about what I think marriage or a wedding should be, but rather a celebration of the relationship that they have built together.”

Alison Hayward

Alison is a warm-hearted, compassionate and fun-loving person. Alison has a genuine quality about her that draws people in and helps them feel safe and heard. Her ceremony style is intimate and friendly, and captures the hearts of people. For more than 25 years Alison’s attention to detail has been the administrative force behind our success.

Types of Wedding Ceremonies


A Blessing is a comfortable combination of civil, religious and/or cultural elements. This may include prayers, meaningful readings or music.


A Civil ceremony is conducted without religious connotation. It follows the same general order of service. Readings and blessings are substituted with non-religious options.


A religious ceremony doesn’t need to be a “sermon”. An appropriate reading from the Bible or other Sacred writings along with seeking God’s blessing on your marriage, would constitute a religious ceremony.


A spiritual ceremony would merge most of the above options including readings from great writings like: The Prophet, Neale Donald Walsh, Shakespeare, Donne, etc.


Often, couples come from different faith backgrounds and neither have any objection to incorporating elements or “rituals” from the other’s faith. Eg: Jewish/Christian, Muslim/Christian, Catholic/Christian. These elements will add a richness to your ceremony without it feeling forced.

Same Sex (Civil Unions/Partnerships)

We have marriage officers who are fully licensed with the Department of Home Affairs to conduct Civil Unions for same sex couples or hetrosexual couples who do not wish to be married under the “old marriage act”.

Andred & Alison, you guys were the most incredible team to have with us on our wedding journey. From our first interaction you were warm and accommodating. Leading up to our wedding day you gave us the utmost attention & guidance and made sure everything was taken into consideration on the way we envisioned our day. Andred, on our wedding day we have never felt so comfortable and you made us & our guests get taken on a beautiful journey. The ceremony was everything we dreamed of and we are so grateful to you for marrying us and making it such a memorable day. THANK YOU

Nicci Creed

We would like to thank Alison for guiding us through the whole process. We were absolutely clueless about what needed to be done. She was most helpful from day one. On the day she was on time and well presented. She added a bit of herself to the “ceremony”, with some short and sweet words, which made our day/ceremony very special and she made us feel very comfortable.. We would highly recommend using Alison as a marriage officer.

Ricus & Bianca